February 24, 2006

Studio Friday.....Something old, new, borrowed and blue

My favorite blanket!
Old....jeans, favorite embroidered shirt, hippie pants, blue fleecy, and hubby's flannel. Stained ripped clothes put to good use.
New....full-size sheet, full size poly-cotton blanket. I like to use blankets, they are cheaper and wash/dry better than cotton batting.
Borrowed....I made this blanket with somebody in mind to give it to...I haven't been able to part with it so I guess that makes it ...uh borrowed yeah....borrowed.
Blue....I love how all the different shades of blue go together so nicely.
I want add another one.
Cheap....this blanket only cost me about $15 in supplies to make!
I'm starting to get together another one using reds....velvety, silky, veloury reds. I need to make one more trip to the goodwill and then I'll be set to start sewing it together. I can't wait.


Laura C said...

That is GORGEOUS! And I can't believe it cost less than $15 to make - wow, that's impressive. I'd love to start quilting. {I will not start a new hobby, I will not start a new hobby...}

Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

Great job on that-- I wouldn't be able to give it away either!

susan said...

Fabulous quilt!! Great idea and it looks great....I tried quilting once....it is harder than it looks!! Yours is wonderful!!