September 13, 2006


Cutest bunnies ever! Fun times at the Waterville Fair.... stinky but fun.
And now the sad news. On Sept.1 our close friends lost their beautiful 17 yr old daughter so suddenly I still don't have the words to describe the affect that it has had on our happy little clique. So I won't....describe it that is. I will just say that she was an amazing young woman and she is deeply loved and missed by all of us.
So I will make them a quilt 'cuz that's what I know how to do!
I hope to use as much of her clothing as possible and make it big enough that the whole family will be able to cuddle up. It depends on how much raw material I end up with but I'm thinking from experience that I will probably be able to make multiple blankets out of the same fabrics. We'll see.
With the bunnies out broadening their minds and my craft room in amazing 'is this MY craft room?' order, I am chomping at the bit to finish projects and get started on CHRISTMAS. I had a great time last year with the things I made and my Christmas spirit was easily found so I'm hoping for a repeat this year. My soap and tamale friend Wendy or as my girl calls her 'Winny' and I are going to be making soap again after a couple of years of uh....being dirty heh...along with hopefuly some body oils. I might even make some more candles and I found a pattern for the cutest little scrubby ducks....and then there is the food that I want to make this year.
Man I gotta get started!
But first I have to go clean the patio!