December 28, 2006


"Gramma Pete.......if you wanna race you hafta go FAST!"

December 14, 2006

Mail call

So I did my Christmas cards the day after it 'Holiday euphoria' or whatever but they were signed and safely in their addressed envelopes by November 25. Yay for me! So early, so productive, so on track for a stress-free holiday. But this is me we are talking about. 'Queen of Procrastination', 'Duchess of don't do it know' 'Mistress of the multiple incomplete projects'....heh that's my fave.
I have yet to even buy the stamps to mail them, oh yeah...they sit in a neat little bundle right next to my computer so it's not like I lost them or can't find the time to go to the many different places that I already go to that sells stamps and it's not like I don't drive by 5 or 6 pretty blue mailboxes every single day. The mailman comes to my house personally for Christmas sake! Pathetic, I know. I think it's because I think greeting cards are one of the biggest rackets that we buy into. $3 to tell a 5yr old happy birthday....I think the kid would rather you spend $2 on Pla-doh and $1 on a dilley bar from DQ. At least Christmas cards are cheap and if it really bugged me I could make my own but the paper arts are just not my thing. I know I know paper correspondence is a dying art and it's important to keep in touch with people you don't see all the know the people who you can't remember the last time you saw or talked to but every year you send them a card....and they send one back. Cycle complete. Relationship intact. I should probably even do one of those sooo popular family newsletter type cards that let everyone know what you been up to...2 so far this year....but that's why I have a blog and if you don't already know what were doing then I probably don't want you to know. So there!
I think I'm grumpy today, might need a cookie or some bacon.

December 5, 2006

"Mom... do people get old if they don't have any kids?"