August 15, 2006

Camp cooking.

Chicken, corn and garlic bread on the campfire last Memorial Day camp trip. Delicious....or maybe it was the view.

August 11, 2006


Big blue bronco
You brought us so far
Sad to say goodbye

We finally sold our old 89 Ford Bronco yesterday. I didn't think I would be so sad, I couldn't even watch it drive away. Cried like a baby I did. Lots of memories tied up in that pile of metal.
We bought it in '93 in Florida while my husband was still in the Navy. We drove it all the way across the whole country after he got out. I think it's bulk probably saved our lives when we got stuck in a tornado while crossing Illinois. Many many camping trips and probably a little too much late night 4wheelin'. Pop the top, blast the stereo and it was a cruising machine in the summertime or stick it in 4wd and it would chew through any snow bank in the wintertime.
Ah well... it was getting old and of course my memories will be sweet because I didn't have to drive it the past couple years. I kind of feel like it's the end of something... I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's time to be more serious...I mean the years are just flying by. I've done alot but there is still so much more. Maybe it's time to truly grow up.
GAH....I hope not.

August 4, 2006


Rainiers and Bings.
One of the best things about living in central Washington is the awesome climate. Now I'm not talkin' Western Washington with all the Seattle rain and gloom, I'm talking sunshine and blue skies for about 300 days out of the year. Snow in the winter, flowers in the spring, hot hot sun in the summer and leaves in the know the drill. Well the result of such great weather is tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. My garden is exploding with life and fruit seems to drop out of the's like it grows on trees or something. These cherries represent the last of a massive amount that were given to me by a neighbor, we have eaten our fill and I don't want them to go to waste so I made a delicious pie filling and stuck it in the freezer for future tasty treats.

August 1, 2006

B-day breakfast.

California Eggs Benedict. It may not be pretty and it took a little longer to make than I would have liked but it sure was delicious! Tomato, avocado, ham and two things I've never made before in my life.. poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. I will probably make this again after I get one of those egg poacher thingys..and I work off the 5000 calories.
Not so much posting lately. Lots of distractions. Oooo look a pretty bird.