November 2, 2007

New Door Friday!

Our house was built in 1926 and this is the original door. You can tell that it really is a beautiful door but 80 years have taken it's toll and it's fragile and drafty so we need a new one.
It's been kind of a long ordeal but it's finally here and being installed right this very minute.

I can't wait to get my hands on the old one, I plan on cleaning it up and replacing the glass with a beveled edge mirror. I also have pretty glass door knob to replace the dented up brass one. Then I'll hang it over couch. I love to recycle the stuff from our house......the giant stack of windows in the basement that I've been turning into message boards is a testament to that. Just might be finding my calling with this recycle, reuse and renew thing.....very satisfying not to have to buy new materials. I am such a cheapskate. Living on an extreme budget to get out of credit card debt a couple of years ago and trying to keep a zero balance has done it to me. That and having to go through another persons years and years of craft stash and throwing away most of it due to age/rot has kept me from buying more crap that I intend on using 'someday'.
It's amazing how resourceful a person can be to keep the jingle in their pockets.