March 13, 2007

Empty Bowls

Spent the weekend glazing about 120 ceramic bowls for my kids' school Empty Bowls Soup Project. Every year all the kids (Pre-5th, about 150) work on this project starting in the fall with making soup kits to sell. The money from the soup kits goes to buying unglazed ceramic bowls and supplies. The kids then paint the bowls and sell them at our annual Empty Bowls Soup Supper in April with all those proceeds going to our churches food bank.
With just a 'little bit' of grown-up help they decorate, serve and clean up on the night of the supper. It's really cool to see the kids work so hard on this project.
The soup is donated by local restaurants and is delicious. There is usually a wide variety and you can eat as much as you want! I love soup, in the winter I make it a couple times a week. The rolls they serve are pretty yummy too.
Glazing the bowls took a lot of time and a lot of counter space but it was worth it. I can't wait to see them after they are fired. I have a kiln in the basement that needs to be put together and it's a good thing I can't do anything with it right now or I'd be firing these bowls myself along with some of the vintage greenware (naked lady ashtrays, tiki masks etc..) that I've been hording, the last thing I need is to start another project right now so I'm glad the weather is getting nicer so I can distract myself with some yard work or something.
Yay Spring!