May 31, 2007


Remodel is another word for pick your house up, give it a couple of good shakes, hit yourself in the genitals with a rubber mallet and then write a huge check for the privilege.
We cashed out a bit of equity to do a quick update of our kitchen, yay. Of course this is us and our house we're talkin' about. We never do things the quick and easy way......we never get the chance. The joy of owning a cool old house is always balanced by 80 years of (sometimes) surprising quick and easy fixes that were deployed before us. Things like extension cords hardwired into outlets and cheap garden hose for internal water lines. And so our kitchen remodel begins the laundry wait....the spare room closet.
Soon to be part of the laundry room....(destruction is my favorite part)
wow.... look at all that room!

Laundry room/craft room.....yeah baby!
Lots to do.
I can't wait to start on the kitchen.