June 8, 2007


I love this stuff. Just look at the lovely new walls. I can (finally) almost imagine what it's going to look like when we are done. The sanding is hard and dusty work, my allergy pills are working overtime but it is soo worth it. I'm building muscles too.... so it ain't all bad. There is also this little voice way back in a corner of my mind that whispers oh so quietly 'hard work is good for the soul'. I like that voice, it's the same one that tells me to eat cake. I should listen to it more often. I can't wait to move on to the next room.
I thought having all my craft/art supplies packed away would be kind of stressful but I have so much going on that it has been kind of a nice break not to have a project to finish and with the mindless mudding and sanding I am stashing away in my irontrap of a memory(ahahahaha....ha) lots of ideas for when we are done.
This real life stuff is majorly cutting into my way more exciting online life as well.
Oh and then there is the mealmaking, housecleaning and care of the children......sigh.
I'm going to need another cup of coffee.