December 16, 2005

Studio Friday...Ta-dah!!!

Ta-dah! People throw away good stuff. I found this window in the alley behind my house, it was bright yellow and had two broken panes. I cleaned, painted then sanded it. The pictures are 8o year old black and white shots of the town I grew up in. Getting the photos matted was the tricky part because they are odd sizes. I used some electrical wire that my husband had left over from a project to hang it. So....ta-dah. Our house was built in 1926 so it fits nicely over the fireplace in the living room. Last year we replaced all the original windows in our house and saved them in our basement for later projects...I can't wait. Now if I can only find some spare time...I know I put it right here next to my extra money but now I can't find that either.


uhhhh......yum, I guess.

Chicken soup.

mmm....homemade chicken soup. I'm not much of a chicken eater but I really like chicken soup. Not the canned kind...homemade. I think mine is the best and this batch was extra delicious. I simmered a couple of chicken breasts in 2 cups of broth until they were shreddable then I raided my fridge for veggies. I found carrots, celery, yellow onions, green onions, zucchini, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and cabbage. I also found about a cup and a half of wild rice left over from dinner. The shredded chicken,veggies and rice all went into a pot along with the left over broth and about 5 cups of water. 2 hours of gentle simmering and this was the best chicken soup I've ever made. There was a lot of it so I was able to freeze some for later. The frigid weather has put me in a soupy mood...I think I'll make some clam chowder this weekend. Maybe I can get Mr. Janedoh to make his famous biscuits to go with it.

December 12, 2005

Tree hunter!

Observe the mighty hunter tracking the rare and elusive tannenbaum. Could danger be around the bend? We tremble with fear...oh no wait, that's just the sub-freezing temperature.
Man it was cold that day. We did find a nice tree and eventually thawed after treating ourselves to hot chocolate and hot-buttered rum. Our dog Joe came home with feet so frigid they were red and raw so she spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch...poor puppy.

Christmas time!

Nothing gets me in the Christmasy mood more than baking massive amounts of sugary treats. This year I also made kahlua and mocha mix....both went together quite nicely during testing...hic. I need to get my hands on more bottles for the kahlua, the easy close bottles are a lot harder to come by than they used to be so I may have to find an alternative...or else keep all the kahlua for myself. Hmm...that may not be that bad after all.

December 9, 2005

Studio Friday...What was I thinking!

About 6 months ago I decided to make the grand sacrifice of giving up my craft room so the kiddos could have a playroom. So I went through everything....organized and purged...packed and then moved most of my craft stuff to the basement....and now after some time has passed I realize that I...I....'sniff sniff'...I miss my stuff and my room. I miss all my crap being spread all over and being the only one that knows where the good stuff is, I miss being able to walk into the room and being able to work on a project at will. Now if I start something I pretty much have to finish it because it usually is spread all over the living room. I hate having to go down into the cold icky basement to get what I need....waaaahhhh.
Those darn kids hardly even play in that room. I should reclaim it.
Yeaahh...that's what I'll do. I'll slowly ever so slowly start moving my stuff back upstairs 'till it's all back in it's proper place, scattered from corner to corner that is. The room will be mine again muahahaha...haaa.
I'll start tonight.

It's the simple things.

When it's only 11 degrees outside and you need to keep warm all you really need is your favorite blanket and your best girl.....I mean dog.

December 2, 2005

Studio Friday...Where the Wild Things Are!

The 'wild things' were home all day today cuz it was a.........Snow Day!!
Tons of wintery fun was had by all and then we made peanut butter cookies and hot chocolate. Yummy! We also learned that the red sled goes faster than the blue sled.
We love the red sled.

The dark side....

...of the park.
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