May 16, 2006


Big red blanket. I finished this a couple of months ago for a birthday gift and now that the day is here I can post about it without giving up the suprise.
The picture doesn't show how truly rich and red the fabrics are or how amazingly well they go together.
Towels, embroidered shirt,red jeans and ultra-thick and soft corduroy pants....6" squares as usual, they're my favorite.

Coconut cake

Mother's Day coconut cake. I was craving this as a special treat 'cept I was going to get one of those frozen cakes from Sara know she's cheap and easy, haha. All I could find was chocolate and chocolate is good and all but when you have a craving for coconut, chocolate just doesn't cut it. So anyway... I called my crazy 'Aunt Betty' (crocker) and we whipped up this tasty little number using two different sizes of heart shaped cake pans and tons of toasted coconut...mmm.

May 12, 2006

Studio Friday...ROBOT!

Of all the robots in my 'studio' (spread all over the whole house) this one is my favorite. Good ole trusty Kenmore sewing I mean robot. It's perfect! It has only a few tasks that it knows how to do but it does them very well and it doesn't give me attitude like say...the computer. It can sew through layers of denim with ease. It's also nice and light so I can move it around. I have Singer that has fancy stitches and button-hole settings and lights etc. etc.. I save that one for special stuff....this one is my workhorse.

May 10, 2006

DIY...Farm Edition

Yes... you too can learn to make your own zebra at

May 4, 2006

friends and neighbors

Jacob, Gretchen, Indy and Sara coloring Easter eggs. Sara (the redhead) moved away soon after this picture was taken. The other kids are a little sad and the neighborhood is alot quieter without her. They all played together almost everyday for the last 5 years. Sure there were fights....parents seemed to care more about them than the kids did....but mostly fun times and good friends.

eww... part2

Black sour watermelon with bright red super sour lime push-up with new and improved staining power. Warning stains skin and clothing!

May 2, 2006


After lots and lots of begging the kids got these for a treat. I know...I'm weak. Gigi picked an eyeball one but was so freaked out she wouldn't eat it 'til I pulled out the eyeball and made sure it wasn't real. The eye was kind of squishy on the outside and there was this red ooze that was gross looking but actually pretty tasty. Both kids were unable to finish them. J-bot said 'too much sweetness' and 'all melty'. Gigi wanted to save hers in a zippy bag which is code for 'I don't want this anymore but I still value it enough not to throw it away' I put it in a bag next to the four other misc. frozen treats that she hasn't finished.
The grownups had Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious and only 100-150 calories a sandwich. Yummy

May 1, 2006

Yay Spring 2

Wow it's been a whole month since my last post. Darn that 'real life'. Always getting in the way of my more interesting and fabulous cyber-life.
Some really cool stuff has happened this last month....the best thing of all was J-bot got his cast off! hurray hurray He's doing great, is back at school and had his first communion. He has a slight limp but doesn't let that stop him.
GiGi turned 5 years old...don'tcha know! Oma and Opa Pete came to town and much celebrating was done by all
Bowling is over. Me and the girls ended up with 4th place and I got a really cool trophy for having the best improved average...I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I mean they're kinda saying 'Hey...glad you don't suck as bad as you did before'. I'm gonna put it in a nice safe place. In the basement right next to the home economics trophy I won in High School, you know ..the one that says 'Hey...glad you didn't burn the place down this time'.
The weather has been awesome...sun sun sun with just a little breeze. Perfect for ignoring any and all inside chores. I'm really good at that.
There was a couple of rainy days so I was able to finish as in done and gone 3 big blankets (pictures later)...yay for me. My sewing machine has a funny sqeak now that I hope a little oil will take care of. I'm going to take a break from sewing for a while....yeah right.
Right now I think I'll go ignore my chores.