November 29, 2006

Tree Bed

When I was about 11 or 12 my mom helped me build a fort in the middle of a huge lilac bush in my Gramma's front yard. It was sooo cool, tiny but super cool. It had a wood floor and just enough room for this old wicker butterfly chair and that's it. Totally surrounded by branches and leaves it was the perfect place to hide out, read or just watch the neighborhood.....ah yes a voyeur even at that tender age. I'll bet I spent most of that summer vacation in that bush. The part I remember most is just watching the birds in the branches. Come to think of it my favorite kid summer memory includes green leaves, the smell of late lilacs, sunshine(a'course) my first Stephen King novel and watching the birds build nests.
This bed reminds me of that so it deserves a hearty...

November 12, 2006


I love being able to look out this window.......something new every day.

November 2, 2006


......sorry didn't mean to wake you.