February 27, 2006


A lovely little chicken massaged with olive oil and herbs then slow baked in a clay dish. So juicy and tender...we thank you humble chicken for your ultimate sacrifice to our dinner table.
You will also be made into a delicious soup, become a tasty addition to a nice crisp salad and truly enjoyed in lunchtime wraps where you will be nestled in among fresh spinach and tomatoes.
I could easily become a vegetarian if only I could still eat meat.


Vintage fabric landscape panel used for a simple square pillow. Goes well with the old chair that we lovingly refer to as 'big green'.

February 26, 2006

There goes the neighborhood!

I found out today that our neighbors are looking for a new house.
Is it wrong for me to hope they don't find it?

February 24, 2006

Studio Friday.....Something old, new, borrowed and blue

My favorite blanket!
Old....jeans, favorite embroidered shirt, hippie pants, blue fleecy, and hubby's flannel. Stained ripped clothes put to good use.
New....full-size sheet, full size poly-cotton blanket. I like to use blankets, they are cheaper and wash/dry better than cotton batting.
Borrowed....I made this blanket with somebody in mind to give it to...I haven't been able to part with it so I guess that makes it ...uh borrowed yeah....borrowed.
Blue....I love how all the different shades of blue go together so nicely.
I want add another one.
Cheap....this blanket only cost me about $15 in supplies to make!
I'm starting to get together another one using reds....velvety, silky, veloury reds. I need to make one more trip to the goodwill and then I'll be set to start sewing it together. I can't wait.

February 23, 2006

WooHoo....we're halfway done. Three weeks down, three weeks (hopefully) to go.
What a little stud. He is doing so awesome! Well....as awesome as kid in a body cast could do. He can roll himself over, crawl around on his belly and get himself into a standing position. The standing makes me a little nervous because he is till having trouble getting himself OUT of a standing position.

February 8, 2006

Studio Friday.....FEAR!!!

I'm sure like all mothers I fear not being able to protect my children when they aren't with me. Therefore I have created this magical force field to surround them. I like to imagine it protects them from getting seriously or even slightly injured when they go to school or to the neighbors. I know it's silly but it makes me feel better and keeps me from being completely overprotective. You can only tell them to be careful so many times before they don't hear you any more.
Well...last week we experienced a major malfunction in the force field resulting in a broken femur. It happened at school while playing football with the big boys. Poor J-Bot...he got the full treatment...included was a ride in an ambulance, getting his clothes cut off, an IV, 2 days in the hospital and a partial body cast. He was sooo brave considering how much pain he was in.
Now he's doing pretty good...no pain and he has a wheelchair that reclines so he can be on the computer....phaheeeww. I can tell that he's starting to miss school.
Thanks to all our family and friends and all the prayers from the folks at St. Joseph's School. A special thanks goes out to Uncle Chris for the Nintendo DS ....GiGi loves it too!
I still fear them getting hurt but I don't think I'll be any more or less protective than I was before...I still believe in the force field!! I do know I'm gonna get pretty buff from carrying him around..heh.