September 20, 2007

New Kitchen

Like I've said before......demolition is my favorite part!
Finally making big time progress on my new kitchen. We are major weekend warriors when it comes to working around the house and waiting for custom stuff doesn't help. But we are getting closer to a completed, sparkley clean and new kitchen.

September 19, 2007

Farmer Gigi

The garden has totally gone to seed but she doesn't care.
"See mom...... there is still lots of good stuff."

September 18, 2007


I have logged on a dozen or so times to post and can't get past Stephanie's face. I forget what I am going to say and I change my mind about posting anything at all. I have even thought about deleting the post or the whole blog altogether but there is too much good stuff on here and that just doesn't seem right.
This is my good news blog and there is good news to be told.
Therefore I am declaring this an official 'reboot'.
Reboot my head and reboot this blog.
I'll post something a little later today, I have lots of remodel pics.
Now I have to go do my chores. Fun.

September 1, 2007


Stephanie Kaye Wilhelmi
One year ago today heaven welcomed it's most beautiful angel.
She seemed to know that her 17 years was a lifetime and she lived it to the fullest.
Oh Steph.....we miss you so much.
Peace and love babygirl.....peace and love.
Suzanne, Ben, Jacob and GiGi