November 18, 2005


My first Studio Friday....woot!
I love candy! Gummies are my favorite and who could resist these. They really did have little tire tracks on them! I tried to get them to show in the picture but I'm not much of a photographer... they sure were yummy though. I ate the whole bag while at my sewing machine. I'm glad there wasn't very many blue ones.... they tasted kind of funny.


tine said...

Hi Janedoh!

Welcome to 'Studio friday'!! :-)

Oh my these are hilarious!! Are they austrian or something? The brand "Trolli" sounds familiar somehow...
I bet they taste reeeeally good.
Poor little guys though... :-)

tempestdelfuego said...

Welcome to Studio Friday!
Great sweets, too.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Welcome to SF!
As you can see on my blog, I've got a sweetness secret, too... though yours are cuter!

erilyn said...

ooh, gummies are my favorite, too. my hubby knows that bringing home a bag of those will always make me smile. my absolute favorites are the Haribo brand of gummi bears.