October 31, 2005


Mr. Janedoh caught this Yellow Fin Tuna off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. He really wanted to catch a Dorado, supposedly they are good eatin' but I think it's kinda funny that he caught a tuna because he is always telling me how much he loves it when I make it for him for lunch... so much so that now I just roll my eyes and say "I had no idea". It was an adventure in itself just bringing that baby home. We luckily were able to get it fileted, frozen and packed in a cooler(along with the Marlin my friend Carla caught) before we had to jump on a plane back to the real world the next day. Thankfully the cooler passed customs and all the fish stayed frozen till we got home...about 30hrs after this picture was taken. I had visions of the empty cooler coming down the luggage conveyer belt followed by half-frozen chunks of fish in ziploc bags leaking stinky blood all over my fellow travelers luggage. It was all cool though, we ended up with about 25lbs of tuna and now we know what to expect for next time.
I caught and released a 6ft. Marlin...reeled it in all by myself, thank you very much. Well kinda, I had excellent instructions from Fisherman Nino and lots of experience in boat piloting from Capt. Roberto...oh and thanks first mate Martin, you the man! We drank many beers on the boat, ate pretty good boxed lunches and an excellent time was had by all.
I can't wait for our next trip to Mexico. We promised the kids a trip to DisneyWorld next year but after that we're Cabo bound baby!


charmalita said...

That is an excellent photo. Mr Janedoh looks really happy!

Andrew said...

you the girl, baby