January 12, 2006


Usually I'm not much into New years Resolutions....to much pressure....but this year I resolve to get stuff done! Not just started but finished. I have painting, improvements and general all around' clearing out the clutter' to do around the house. I also have a couple of quilting and furniture projects that I need to finish before I lose my creative vision. It's hard for me to start something new when I have things to do hanging over my head, no matter how far I put them on the 'back burner' they are always there.... keeping me from giving whatever I AM working on my 100%. Another reason why I need need need to get this stuff done is I have a big fat garden planned for this spring and I don't want to be stuck inside.
Having a big nasty virus on my computer is really helping me to stick with this resolution (I'm writing this on my husband's) really cuts down on the food, craft and gossip blog surfing. All the cool stuff is on my computer...... his is all full of icky politics and games...eww.
So it ain't all bad. Life is good.

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